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    Although the international market is big and deals in dollars, it is saturated as well. Especially in the case where you target the USA, you will have to fight tooth and nail.
    Advertising — earn money by placing ads on your website. Affiliate marketing — make money promoting other businesses. Products and services — sell your own products and services to others. Sponsored content — you can get paid for partnering with brands.
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    If you’re just starting out and looking to make money through writing in 2020, building up a strong portfolio is essential. That may mean taking low-paid jobs in order to build up a reputation and establishing your own blog in order to show off your writing abilities. Becoming a writer isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but it is achievable if you work hard at it and are prepared to ‘pay your dues’ in order to establish yourself. If you can write in more than one language, so much the better, as you’ll have a wider pool of potential clients to work for.


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